Why convert PDF to Ai?

Why convert PDF to Ai
Why convert PDF to Ai
Why convert PDF to Ai

There is one disadvantage of the PDF file that it cannot be edited easily. Therefore, you will need to convert the PDF file into a editable file such as Ai file or Word file before editing. Within Adobe Illustrator you can easily save a Ai file as a PDF file by click on menu File – Save as and then just choose a PDF format. However, if you want to convert a PDF in to a Ai file it’s apparently cannot be done easily. Unfortunately. There are ton of the website who offered a free PDF to Ai conversion. But the result is never be 100% same as a original PDF. 

You may need to convert a PDF file to Ai file for some following reasons.

  • For editing purposes.
  • For submit to printing house
  • For a very large size printing.

If you looking for a best solution on how to convert PDF to Ai with 100% same as original. You may take a look at this article. But please note that this method is work on some cases only.

What is Ai file format?

What is Ai
What is Ai
What is Ai

Ai stands for Adobe Illustrator which is the name of the software that created this file.  Adobe Illustrator is well know as one of the most popular graphic design software that used to create a vector based graphics. That mean the graphics content never loses their quality when enlarged. The Ai format is most used for logos design, packaging design and print media

Ai Advantages

  • – Scalable without loses quality
  • -Compatible with other Adobe programs e.g. Photoshop, InDesign

What is PDF file format

what is pdf
what is pdf
What is PDF file format?

PDF stands for Portable Document Format which is a type of file that is created by the computer software and used to present the documents or contents in a electronic form. In the past, PDF files were known as Acrobat files because it was created by the Adobe Acrobat software. Recently the PDF can be created or generated by most of the computer software e.g. Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign or even web browser.  The advantage of the PDF file  is a file cannot be edited (easily) and the format is not distorted from the original. Therefore, it’s suitable to be used for Making e-Book, presentation, electronic document, portfolio etc. The PDF file can be viewed in any device without having to install additional reader software or apps.

PDF Advantages

  • Display exactly same content regardless which software, device or operating system you using. 
  • Very light weight file compared to the original file format.
  • Easy to read and view for everyone, everywhere and every devices
  • Can setup a password, watermark or signature for security purposes

With the advantages above, it’s no doubt why PDF is the popular electronic file.