JPG to Ai conversion services

JPG to Ai

Want to turn your photo into a vector file? You are in the right place!

JPG is a general image file that we receive directly from a camera or mobile camera or a scanner. While Ai is one of the vectorized file formats created by Adobe Illustrator program. The advantage of vectorize file format is that you can enlarge without losing any quality. Therefore, most printing houses prefer a vector file rather than a regular JPG file.

Slide to see the different between JPG and Vector 

Within Adobe Illustrator you can easily save or export your Ai file to JPG format. However, to turn the JPG back to editable vectorize file format is not that simple. In order to do this, you will need to import JPG into Adobe Illustrator then use a tool to create or draw a vector based on the JPG you imported.
But if you are not familiar with this and need to convert your photo to Ai. Just send us the files and we will convert it for you.

Our vector conversion service.

  • Convert any photo to vector (Ai or eps)
  • Convert JPG, PNG to vector (Ai or eps)
  • Convert scanned file to vector (Ai or eps)
  • Convert drawing to vector (Ai or eps)
  • Convert logo to vector (Ai or eps)
  • Risk free! see it before you pay. Don’t have to pay if you’re not satisfied. 

Excel to Ai conversion services

Excel to Ai

Are you have thousand rows of excel to be converted?

Microsoft Excel is a powerful program for data analysis and calculations but is also possible to store regular information. With the benefit of having rows and columns, you can store related information there like contact information. And sometimes, you may need to convert your Excel file to Ai file for some purposes.

There are no programs that can convert Excel to Ai directly and easily. It has to be done manually. Therefore, it is required to have Excel and Illustrator skill in order to convert it perfectly. Especially when you have a ton of information from excel to be converted. It’s very very time consuming.

So, why don’t you spend time on what you enjoying and let us convert for you? Send us your Excel file and the sample (design) of Ai and we will Convert your Excel to Ai according to your design

Excel to Ai
Excel to Ai conversion services

PDF to Ai conversion services

PDF to Ai

Are you struggling on converting PDF to AI?

Recently more and more people prefer to save and store their documents in an electronic form. The PDF file is one of the most popular file formats that people used to save their document. In some cases you may need to convert a PDF to another format for some purposes. For example, if you need to print the PDF in a very large format you may need to convert it to an Ai file. Converting PDF to Ai can be very challenging. In order to convert it perfectly you need to understand Adobe Illustrator really well. If you are not, then let us handle this for you.

With 15 years experience in graphic design and a full time Adobe Illustrator user. We will convert your PDF to Ai perfectly, accurately and reliable.  Send us your PDF and we ‘ll

  • Convert PDF to AI that looks exactly like original.
  • Adjust, fix the converted file to suit your needs.
  • Unmetered revision.
  • Affordable, start from $1
  • risk free, see your file before paying
PDF to Ai
Convert PDF to Ai services