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Are you struggling on converting PDF to AI?

Recently more and more people prefer to save and store their documents in an electronic form. The PDF file is one of the most popular file formats that people used to save their document. In some cases you may need to convert a PDF to another format for some purposes. For example, if you need to print the PDF in a very large format you may need to convert it to an Ai file. Converting PDF to Ai can be very challenging. In order to convert it perfectly you need to understand Adobe Illustrator really well. If you are not, then let us handle this for you.

With 15 years experience in graphic design and a full time Adobe Illustrator user. We will convert your PDF to Ai perfectly, accurately and reliable.  Send us your PDF and we ‘ll

  • Convert PDF to AI that looks exactly like original.
  • Adjust, fix the converted file to suit your needs.
  • Unmetered revision.
  • Affordable, start from $1
  • risk free, see your file before paying
PDF to Ai
Convert PDF to Ai services

Why convert PDF to Ai?

Why convert PDF to Ai
Why convert PDF to Ai
Why convert PDF to Ai

There is one disadvantage of the PDF file that it cannot be edited easily. Therefore, you will need to convert the PDF file into a editable file such as Ai file or Word file before editing. Within Adobe Illustrator you can easily save a Ai file as a PDF file by click on menu File – Save as and then just choose a PDF format. However, if you want to convert a PDF in to a Ai file it’s apparently cannot be done easily. Unfortunately. There are ton of the website who offered a free PDF to Ai conversion. But the result is never be 100% same as a original PDF. 

You may need to convert a PDF file to Ai file for some following reasons.

  • For editing purposes.
  • For submit to printing house
  • For a very large size printing.

If you looking for a best solution on how to convert PDF to Ai with 100% same as original. You may take a look at this article. But please note that this method is work on some cases only.