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What Is a Computer File?

Computer files are created by various computer programs, such as documents from Microsoft Word or media files from cameras. Different file types exist to accommodate various data storage needs, and sometimes data of the same type can be stored in different formats specified by the program developer.

File extensions are typically set by developers to correspond to the file type or program name, making it easy for users to remember them. For example, .Doc files are Microsoft Word Documents, and .ai files are Adobe Illustrator files.

file extension
file extension

Let’s explore some common file types that we encounter frequently in daily life and the programs used to create them:

  1. .DOC – Microsoft Word Document: Stores documents created by Microsoft Word.
  2. .TXT – Plain Text File: Contains plain text without extensive formatting.
  3. .CSV – Comma Separated Values File: Stores data using commas to separate columns and can be edited with Microsoft Excel.
  4. .PPS – PowerPoint Slide Show: Used for making slideshows in Microsoft PowerPoint.
  5. .PPT – PowerPoint Presentation: Used for creating presentations in Microsoft PowerPoint.
  6. .MP3 – MP3 Audio File: Stores audio and is very popular for music.
  7. .WAV – WAVE Audio File: Another type of audio storage file.
  8. .AVI – Audio Video Interleave File: Provides high-quality video with less compression.
  9. .MOV – Apple QuickTime Movie: Standard video file for Apple’s OS X operating system.
  10. .MP4 – MPEG-4 Video File: Commonly used for publishing videos on websites.
  11. .MPG – MPEG Video File: Another type of video file playable on most common video players.
  12. .GIF – Graphical Interchange Format File: Commonly used for images on websites.
  13. .JPG – JPEG Image: Widely used image file format.
  14. .PNG – Portable Network Graphic: Used on websites, supports transparency.
  15. .PSD – Adobe Photoshop Document: Image file created by Photoshop.
  16. .AI – Adobe Illustrator File: Line drawing file used with Adobe Illustrator.
  17. .EPS – Encapsulated PostScript File: A vector file compatible with various design programs.
  18. .INDD – Adobe InDesign Document: Used for creating books in Adobe InDesign.
  19. .PDF – Portable Document Format File: Very popular for documents on the Internet.
  20. .XLS – Excel Spreadsheet: Table format document created by Microsoft Excel.
  21. .XLSX – Microsoft Excel Open XML Spreadsheet: Excel file used since version 2007.
  22. .SQL – Structured Query Language Data File: Stores online and offline databases.
  23. .EXE – Windows Executable File: Program file for Windows operating system.
  24. .APK – Android Package File: Program file for installation on Android devices.
  25. .APP – Mac OS X Application: Program file for OS X operating system.
  26. .DWG – AutoCAD Drawing Database File: File for AutoCAD engineering design (2D and 3D).
  27. .DXF – Drawing Exchange Format File: AutoCAD file compatible with other engineering design programs.
  28. .HTML – Hypertext Markup Language File: Computer language program file to create websites.
  29. .ASP – Active Server Page: Another computer language program for building websites.
  30. .PHP – PHP Source Code File: A popular programming language for creating websites.
  31. .OTF – OpenType Font: Font format file commonly used for fonts.
  32. .TTF – TrueType Font: Font format file commonly used for fonts.
  33. .ISO – Disc Image File: Stores data in a single file that is easy to copy.

These files, even with different extensions, can often be used in the same program if they are of the same type. However, sometimes file conversion may be necessary to use the same file with a different program.

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