What is PDF file format

what is pdf
What is PDF file format?

PDF stands for Portable Document Format which is a type of file that is created by the computer software and used to present the documents or contents in a electronic form. In the past, PDF files were known as Acrobat files because it was created by the Adobe Acrobat software. Recently the PDF can be created or generated by most of the computer software e.g. Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign or even web browser.  The advantage of the PDF file  is a file cannot be edited (easily) and the format is not distorted from the original. Therefore, it’s suitable to be used for Making e-Book, presentation, electronic document, portfolio etc. The PDF file can be viewed in any device without having to install additional reader software or apps.

PDF Advantages

  • Display exactly same content regardless which software, device or operating system you using. 
  • Very light weight file compared to the original file format.
  • Easy to read and view for everyone, everywhere and every devices
  • Can setup a password, watermark or signature for security purposes

With the advantages above, it’s no doubt why PDF is the popular electronic file.  

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